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100 waterproof fabric, organic area rugMany people are making the move to organic fabrics for a number of different reasons. People buy organic clothing such as organic cotton shirts since they know that they weren’t dyed with harsh chemicals. People that have certain allergies can get irritated from the dyes and chemicals used to treat cotton clothing. These same people can also be irritated with normal cotton sheets so they are forced to or choose to go organic. When it comes to waterproof fabrics people often think that they can’t go organic since chemicals are necessary to make things like mattress covers waterproof. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. You can definitely have an organic waterproof fabric without the use of harsh chemicals. 

Going organic when it comes to fabrics is important for a number of reasons. Organic cotton for instance, does not use harsh chemicals when the cotton is harvested which helps the soil, the cotton itself, and the water supply in surrounding areas of the cotton fields. These harsh chemicals can get into the water supply and affect many more people than just the farmers. Going organic prevents this.

So going organic means that you are not only helping people and the environment, but yourself as well. In order for cotton to be dyed, companies often use harsh chemicals. You can actually smell the chemicals on the clothing and sheets when you use them for the first time. Who wants to smell like chemicals?

For an organic waterproof fabric like a mattress pad, you can actually find many that are made with no vinyl, PVC, and other harsh chemicals. Organic waterproof fabrics usually use a non toxic, food grade polyethylene membrane to make it waterproof.

Don’t just stop at clothing and bedding though, you can even get an organic area rug for your home too. An organic area rug is just as soft as a normal rug, but it comes with peace of mind: the peace of mind that you are doing your part to help the environment.

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