Packing list ideas when travelling with kids this winter


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Packing for a trip with a child depends on various factors. The most important being the age of the child, where you are going and the time of year you are traveling. If you are traveling with a friend or family, you may not have to pack the same way as you would if you are traveling alone. No company for the child requires the parent to pack more toys, games, DVD s and books to keep the child entertained and busy. In addition, if you let your child carry a wheeled luggage bag that had all his belongings, it would be great. It will not only rid you of finding what he wants at different times but also teach him a sense of responsibility. A well liked character luggage from Disney luggage would be ideal.

Since we are in January, let us look at some essentials to pack for the kids for winter travel with them. Winter travel can be bulky. Flanked by extra outerwear and extra layers of underwear, it can seem like you are packing the whole house. So making a list of everything you need, will keep your packing streamlined and under control. Bring everything you need to be safe, warm and comfortable, without bringing more than you need.

  • You need to have a warm coat, mittens and a warm hat for the kids every time they step out in the cold. These may seem obvious to people who live in cold weather, but for people coming from the south it may not be so.
  • Warm pajamas, slippers, sweaters and warm socks for kids are equally essential as the regular wear. Rain or snow boots are also necessary.
  • Carry a first aid kit along with all the additional medicines being used by the child.
  • Carry snacks, juice boxes, water as kids tend to be hungry or thirsty at anytime.
  • Have all of the toiletries handy in a small case.
  • Always carry an extra pair of clothing and socks for each of you.

With these essentials covered, you should be good to have a comfortable travel and stay.


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