Quiet spin bikes are great for working out at home


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Among the many resolutions taken for this year cutting down on some extra weight would be on everyone’s list. Going to a gym and doing your shift of cardio exercises might be difficult for those on a tight schedule. This is where a spin bike would come in handy. They will give you your cardio workout right at home.

For those of you who don’t know, spin bikes are different to regular exercise bikes. Spin bikes are basically stripped down versions of exercise bikes. They do not come with gizmos which help you figure out calories burned or heart rate. Spin bikes usually come with one knob which is to increase or decrease resistance. One more difference to programmable stationary indoor bicycles would be the fact that spin bikes are often fixed geared. This does not allow freewheeling. Even though they lack features that a regular exercise bike would have they are good enough to give you a good solid cardio workout. In addition to helping in weight loss they also help in building strength and improving muscle endurance. They also help in maintaining body posture.

Among the spin bikes available the BladeZ Master PTS68 happens to be one of best ones available. The BladeZ PTS68 is one of the many quiet spin bikes available. The smooth belt drive allows you to exercise without disturbing others around you. The handle bars of this spin bike can be adjusted to almost every position according to your comfort. The seat of this bike is also fully adjustable keeping you comfortable at all times. The adjustable resistance will help you when you need to increase or decrease your work out levels. The design of this spin bike allows you to stand to pedal giving your abs a good work out as well. This spin bike is also good for those of you who have issues with your joints. It also has conveniences such as a bottle holder to replenish your fluids during your work out. As you can spin bikes do give you a good workout and give you the option of exercising out at home.

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