Choose your dog treats carefully: The case of Smokehouse Chicken Chews


Photo credit - pbump via Flickr and Creative Commons (’s natural to want to spoil your dog once in a while with some dog treats. Most pet stores and grocery stores have dog treats for sale so you might be tempted to just pick up any type of treat. Not so fast. Let’s take a look at the story of Smokehouse Chicken Chews and why you should do your research on dog treats before buying.

If you take a look at labels and like to know where you get your own food, why shouldn’t you do the same for your dog? Knowing who produces your dog’s food and how it’s produced will give you peace of mind. Being ignorant about where your dog’s food comes from may result in grave consequences in the future.

Let’s take the example of Smokehouse Chicken Chewies. In 2007, there were many reports of health issues from pet owners who gave their dogs these chicken treats. Many reported renal failure and other symptoms after giving these treats to their dogs.

The FDA and the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) later reported that it was aware of certain dog treats that caused dogs to become sick. Although they never released a full list of treat brands, Smokehouse has been cited by pet owners in reviews across the web. Some cite that the treats may have been tainted in China, where they are manufactured, and some even noticed moldy treats in bags that have an expiration date a year later.

Do your research on the foods and treats that your dog is eating before buying. It could save your dog’s life. In the meantime it’s also very important to keep your dog active. You can get him or her a dog toy like Buddha dog toys that have a treat ball built in to slowly dispense kibble and other treats. This allows your dog to be active, playing with the toy, and receive treats for playing and staying active!

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