Solar heating systems let the sun help heat your home


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As the mercury dips further, the heaters in our homes are working 24×7. And though I loved using the warm water for doing dishes and other chores, it always made me think that electrical heating was not an eco-friendly choice. Rather it did burn a huge hole in our pockets with high bills.

These days you can pick from sensible and practical renewable heating choices like solar heating systems. Solar water heating, also known as SWH or solar hot water systems include a series of technological innovations to provide you with hot water, without using electricity. In fact, in Israel and Cyprus 30%–40% of homes use these SWH’s.

Types of solar heating systems

There are basically two kinds of solar heating systems i.e.-

  • The close-coupled SWH has a horizontally mounted storage tank, located above the solar collectors on the terrace or roof. There is no pumping needed here as the hot water rises or flows into the tank naturally via thermosiphon flow.
  • The pump-circulated system comes with a storage tank located on the ground or floor mounted. It is situated below the collector level and needs a circulating pump to transfer fluid.

Both of these systems delivery hot water throughout the year, but in winters you may need a gas booster if the temperatures go very low. You can pick from volt solar panels available in different voltages.

The panel kits are a great way to generate plenty of clean, quiet energy, using solar energy from the sun to run lights, computers, TVs, recharge 12 volt DC batteries. The entire setting process is also very easy.

Apart from water heating systems, these solar panels are also used for keeping the house warm and generating electricity. Though this is on a much smaller scale, it is expected to pick up in the coming few years.


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