Go green with solar powered deck lighting


solar powered deck lighting, hi powered solar exterior lightsIf you have a deck at your house then you probably have lights out there too. Many people I know only have one light or at most two. Why? Because who wants to see their electricity bill go through the roof from lighting both the inside and outside of the house? If you fall into this category then you should definitely check out solar powered deck lighting. 

Solar powered deck lighting is very popular because it illuminates your deck, looks great, and won’t affect your electricity bill. Solar powered lights are great because there are no cords, no hassle, and no cost! They are charged by the sun during the day and use that energy to light up your home at night. Since they don’t cost any money to operate, you can have as many as you want for your deck.

Before, only a part of your deck was illuminated. Now, you can have everything lit up and really enjoy the view. You can put them on your deck posts or attach them to the outside walls. If you really want to light things up, check out hi powered solar exterior lights. They are great for lighting flags, trees, or open areas. They also come with different settings if some nights you only want it on medium or low brightness. Hi powered solar exterior lights are also great theft deterrents since they can really illuminate your back yard at night.

When looking for the best solar powered outdoor lighting, make sure that the housings are durable enough to last several winters. Look for ones with aluminum casings over ones with cheap plastic. In general, the more LEDs, the brighter it will be. Ones with fewer LEDs are great for lighting your garden, but the ones with more LEDs are great for really lighting up your deck.

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