Stay warm all night this winter without raising your bills


Electric blanket

With winter here and the electricity bills shooting up, most of us want to look for alternatives that will help us lower our bill. One way is to use personal heating products such as an electric blanket.

Electric blankets are affordable and they will usually last about 2-3 years if you take good care of them. We would recommend storing the blanket flat so the wiring does not bend in storage. Laying it out flat somewhere in your home should lengthen the life. The blankets are machine washable, but we would recommend just hand washing them to be safe.

Why use an electric blanket you ask? Because it is hard for most people to get warm in cold weather. In addition, going to sleep on a chilly bed is very uncomfortable. However, the main reason to use an electric blanket is that it can drastically save on your heating bills. A few months savings taken together, when using an electric blanket, does add up. If you are still cold, you can use a combination of electric blanket and an electric mattress pad. This allows you to keep your body at a comfortable temperature. So decide if you want to be warmer on top, on bottom or both. These accessories will keep you warm and comfortable for many seasons to come.

The average electricity usage of an electric blanket is less than 100 watts. This is not much and is comparable to usage of a standard light bulb. When you compare this to cutting your heating bills by up to 10%, the overall electricity savings are significant. Just think about the amount electricity you use to keep your heater on, to keep you warm all night.

On the other hand, you could use a mosaic indoor electric heater. It is a fireplace with an illuminated flame made to look like a fire. There is adjustment for the thermostat, background light and flame speed. The heat and flame screen operate independently for all-season usage.

Invest in what is comfortable for the pocket and helps reducing electricity bills!

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