Use shelves and cabinets to free up home space


steamer bar cabinet, studio wall shelf

One of the biggest problems people often face in their homes is where to put all of their stuff. In fact, Americans have so much stuff that the self-storage business is a multibillion dollar industry, full of heirlooms, knick knacks, and other goodies that we can’t part with. So the question is how can we get our stuff back into our homes?

Create Shelving: Notice all of that open space on your walls? Looks like a perfect spot for some shelving. This way you can put up all of your books, pictures, movies, and other objects. If you rent your home and aren’t allowed to put up shelves, then you can get free standing book cases, or studio wall shelf ladder bookcases which will do the trick just fine.

Utilize Unused Space: Notice that empty space under the sofa, under the bed, or in the corner of your garage? Those are good places to put your stuff so they won’t be in the way.

Rearrange: If you have ever played Tetris, then you should be familiar with fitting things perfectly into a confined space. Reorganize your garage, attic, and closets to maximize your available space. In the process, you might find a few things you can get rid of to make even more space!

Get Unique Cabinets: If you have a specialized collection, get a specialized cabinet to hold it. For example, lets say you have a vast array of fine liquors and wines. Instead of having all those bottles and glasses cluttering up your cabinets and kitchen counter, you could just get a steamer bar cabinet that would hold everything snug and safe.

There you have it, just a few ideas to open up some space in your home. Space for you to find new stuff to put into it!


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