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panasonic 42, panasonic tc-l32u3 kitIs it time to upgrade that television set? If you’re having a Super Bowl XLVI party you’ve got to have an impressive television set for your guests. It’s the only way to get the best viewing experience without actually being at the game. Now is a great time to look into upgrading that old television set for a new one.

Consider a Panasonic 42 inch television set for an upgrade. You may ask why a 42 inch television set, “Why not get the largest possible?” Well, super large screens run into problems with resolution. What that means it has difficulty putting the maximum amount of allowed pixels on the screen at once. Bottom line is the more pixels you can have appear on the screen, the smoother the picture. You may also be asking yourself if you should purchase a plasma television or a LCD. There are many advantages and disadvantages of both, below is just a quick overview.

Plasma TVs

Plasma televisions use a matrix of millions of gas cells that are heated to create a picture. The price range can vary, but typically plasma televisions are cheaper than their LCD counterparts. However it is important to note Plasma screens have been known to suffer from “burn in effect.” This happens when an image is left too long on screen and it suffers from a ghost image burned into the screen.

Plasma Advantages

  • Better viewing angles
  • Richer, more natural viewing colors
  • Affordable pricing options


LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) televisions use glass like sandwiches of liquid crystal. Images are created by an electrical charge applied to the crystals. Those crystals are then lit from behind creating the image you see on the screen.

LCD Advantages

  • Higher native resolutions (more pixels on screen)
  • Use less power (more eco-friendly)
  • Far less prone to burn in effect

A Panasonic 42 inch should be a perfect upgrade without having to break the bank, giving you a brilliant balance of quality and price all while significantly increasing your viewing pleasure. Now, setting up your new television entertainment center can be a painful process and you may find that you did not purchase all the correct accessories to fully utilize your new television. With Panasonic’s tc-l32u3 kit you can get an all-in-one package.  It not only offers all the hook ups and immediate accessories you will need to increase your viewing experience, but it offers the television too!

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