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uv light bulbs, wireless dog fence

We love our pets and want to get them the best of accessories to keep them clean and safe. You can choose from accessories like designer leashes, pet beds, dog collars with bone charms, wireless dog fences, UV light bulbs for reptile cages and a whole host of other things. Take a look at some of these pet accessories here:

UV light bulbs

You want to come back to a clean and odor-free home. This can be difficult if you’re a pet owner. Sources of pet odors are sometimes not easily detected. But with the use of UV light bulbs, you can locate exactly where the odor is coming from. Urine spots in pet cages, carpets and other surfaces turn a pale yellow and are easily noticed and can be cleaned immediately. Heat lamps emitting ultra violet lighting can also be fitted into reptile enclosures to keep them healthy, improve their appetite, activity levels, and breeding needs.

Wireless dog fence

UV light bulbsDogs love running around and sniffing everything in sight. But they need to be protected and safe from moving vehicles and other unseen dangers. A wireless dog fence like the custom made Havahart wireless dog fence enables you to make a circular fence. It’s cost-effective and very easy to install. It is portable so you can carry it with you even on holidays and other places. It covers a radius of up to 400-500 feet and can be set up instantly. It has alerts and shut-off features so you can keep track of your dog.

Pet carriers

Pet carriers are very convenient when you want to travel with your pets. The carriers are easily fold-able and can be used as a pet home when you’re traveling by air, car or if you’re out camping. They’re available in various sizes and colors to accommodate different sized pets. Some of them come with zippered doors on the top and sides so it’s easy for your pet to get in and out. Storage pockets are provided and the whole pet carrier is washable and easy to store when not in use.

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