Wide leg pants are back in style and is making its mark in fashion


After several years of the skinny jeans’ long and successful reign, wide leg pants for women are back and making their mark in the world of fashion! Although some of us may be a bit hesitant in seeing skinny jeans go, let’s be open to welcoming an alternative to the mix! Celebrities have been spotted wearing wide leg pants especially the wide leg trouser jeans for women. For all you fashionistas out there who may be having a hard time accepting the fate of the skinny jean, follow these tips on how you can make the best of your wardrobe and hopefully become inspired by ways you can rock the wide leg pants confidently!

Typically, it’s best to balance the wide-legged look with a tucked-in top. Adding a belt to your outfit will give you more of a form fitting feature around the waste. It’s important to note one of the major pitfalls when rocking the untucked top- the overall enlarged look of your figure. Yes, sad but true. A perfect example of what to wear with these pants can be something slightly lose that’ll give off a sophisticated look that’s flattering on almost any body type.

As for shoes, stick to something with an open or round-toe wedge or pump. There’s something about those pointy-toed shoes paired with wide leg pants that give off an awkward touch to the wardrobe. One major tip I’ll give on this look is not go too baggy with your wide leg pants! To get the best out of wide leg pants, you want to make sure they are somewhat fit around the thigh area.

With the cold reaching its peak, who said you had to sacrifice style during this time of the year? The wide legged jean trend couldn’t come at a much perfect time!

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