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5ghz acess points for computers, dsl patch cable

Having a smooth internet connection is something we all crave for. Doesn’t it get annoying when you are streaming a movie and it keeps getting stuck in the middle? I bet it does. Here are a few things you need for a smooth internet connection.

There are two terms you need to know about internet connections. One is bandwidth and latency. Bandwidth is the amount of data which can be sent and latency is the time taken for the data to travel. So in an internet connection having high bandwidth and low latency is always preferred. Wireless networks are usually preferred these days as you can save up on infrastructure costs of hiding the wires in the walls. The only problem with wireless networks would be the fact that they do no perform as well as wired networks thanks to higher latency. This is why it is essential that you get one of the best wireless access point devices.

A wireless access point is basically a device that allows devices to connect to a wired network using wireless technology like Wi-Fi. Having a very powerful wireless access point is essential if you use it as an access point to the internet. In this case it has an effect on your internet performance. If you have a large network which rely on the wireless access point then it would be great if you could get 2.4/ 5Ghz access point for the computers. This access point will basically connect to your existing hub/switch/router and give you wireless connectivity in your network. Bridging two access points is quite simple as well and you can add as many as wireless access points around to ensure the wireless network is accessible everywhere.

The only disadvantage with wireless access points would be the fact that most of them do not come with more than 1 Ethernet port. So there would be a problem if more two people have DSL patch cables with them and want a wired connection to the network. Apart from that wireless access points are quite convenient. The fact that you can physically place each piece of equipment wherever you want to extend the network range makes it very helpful.

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