How safe are the indoor tanning products?


acai berry lotions for face, body lotion with sunscreen

There have always been doubts about safety of indoor tanning products but recent research has revealed that that it’s definitely a big “No”. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), “Any tan is a sign of skin damage” and pose serious health risks. Health experts say that even direct sun exposure can cause serious harm but the use of indoor tanning products doubles health risks. Read on to find out some more facts about why indoor tanning products are not considered healthy:

The risk of cancer is big

When you’re exposed to ultra violet rays directly from the sun or from sunlamps that are used in tanning beds, you become vulnerable to skin cancer risks. When there is over-exposure of UV rays, the skin starts producing extra melanin to protect the skin. Over a period of time, this can lead to skin cancer. Sun lamps used in indoor tanning exposes your skin to ultra violet rays that penetrate deep into the surface of the skin to cause melanoma or cancer.

Pamper your skin with Acai lotion

It’s best to avoid undue exposure to UV rays and nourish your skin with sun screening lotions that pamper your skin. Acai berry lotions for face and body are rich in Vitamin E antioxidants and natural berry extracts, oils and butters to moisturize and hydrate your skin. They heal and repair skin texture to leave it feeling soft and fresh and addresses skin aging issues, dull and itchy skin and other problems.

Body lotion with sun screen

acai berry lotions for faceApplying sunscreen liberally all over you before stepping out into sunlight definitely helps. Badger body sunscreen lotion is suitable for all kinds of skin type and is made with natural and organic ingredients. Minerals like zinc oxide and other natural oils and butter present in it protects the skin against damaging ultraviolet rays. Use a lotion applicator to apply moisturizing sun screen and body lotion evenly all over if you find it difficult to apply on hard to reach areas.

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