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When you’re furnishing your dream home, don’t compromise on the finer details. Go in for the best like I’ve done. I made sure I selected Blum hinges for my cabinets. Read on and you’ll find out why I chose them and why they’re so popular:

Blum hinges

1. They are known for using only the highest quality materials in their hinges. They meet ISO9000 quality standards and what is important is that they have maintained that status quo consistently.

2. They’re made with the best nickel plated metal and offer a number of designs without in any way compromising on quality. What is extra special about the hinges is that once they’re installed, they’re completely concealed and give a neat, sealed look to your cabinets.

3. I have this habit of slamming shut my cabinets when I’m in a hurry. But Blum hinges take it in their stride as they silently glide back into place softly and automatically.

4. The hinges can be fitted on to the smallest of cupboards in the narrowest corners and can be adjusted to fit different doors. Cabinet shelves and other parts are easy to remove making maintenance easy.

5. If you’re like me and have a lot of glass doors, Blum hinges are perfect as they offer a 95 degree opening angle and they close automatically. All hinges come with adjustable options to suit different types of cabinets.

blum hingesSteeple inset hinge

1. Other options for cabinets are brass plated steeple tip hinges. They come in various finishes and are suitable for standard, inset doors where the pins are not removable.

2. Take a look at decorative ones like the plated iron steeple tip hinges that come in a vine pattern. They are made out of durable and heavy cast iron and each leaf pattern is meticulously designed. You also get other finishes like the oil rubbed bronze finish that’s very attractive. Both these varieties are easy to install.

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