Touch up your chairs with braided chair pads


braided chair pads, powell parson chair

Sentiments can creep in and stop you from throwing away old furniture that brings back fond memories. But you can retain your old chairs by simply giving them a face lift. Use these ideas to touch up your chairs:

Braided chair pads

1. Braided chair pads can give your tired old chairs new life. Chair pads are just the thing when you want to lift your old chair from the mundane to the refreshing. Non-dyed, natural wool chair pads from Colonial Mills Shear give you a wonderful selection of chair pads to choose from. You can pick from an array of colors to please your décor style. You can even match them with braided rugs to give the whole room a fresh look.

2. The no-slip tie-ups are convenient to secure them to the chair. They’re easy to maintain as all you have to do is a spot of vacuum cleaning and use stain remover to remove stains. Their durable braid construction is comfortable and nature-friendly. They add an element of simple elegance to your room.

3. You can try reversible braided chair pads for variety. You can choose from different shapes, colors, finish and materials to suit you. Square and round chair pads are commonly available as are eco-friendly jute pads.

braided chair pads Powell Parson chair

1. If braided chair pads are not your style and you’d rather replace your old chairs with sparkling new ones, check out classic Powell parsons chairs. They have leather upholstery and go with both modern and classic, traditional styles. The chairs have a straight back and strong wood frames and the durable, woven webbed seats offer good support. They look elegant and stylish to add a sophisticated touch to your dining table.

2. Tailored slip covers in different fabrics and colors are available when you want to change the look of the parson chair. The slip covers are tailored with expert stitching to give you a perfectly neat fit.

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