What to include in a beauty kit


charcoal gray liquid eye liner, nail clippers

What not to include in a beauty kit is a more difficult decision for me. Ideally, I would like to be prepared for any situation and carry creams, moisturizers and hand lotions. And of course, these would have to go in – lipstick and lip gloss, eye makeup that includes eye shadow and my favorite charcoal eye liner. A nail clipper is a must and a hair dryer if I’m traveling overnight…the list goes on. But here’s a list of absolute essentials that I think are must-haves in a beauty kit:

1. While my overnight beauty kit includes a lot more things, the first things that go into my compact beauty kit (without which I don’t step out) are a moisturizer, hand cream, body lotion and sunscreen lotion. Next goes in a concealer, shimmer, blush, mascara and eye shadow, charcoal gray liquid eye liner and face powder. Including a bronze is a good idea if the weather is hot to give you a toned and tanned look.

2. I always try to keep some mineral water and mist for instant freshness. My lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss are absolute essentials. And since I have oily skin, I keep a few blotting papers/rice papers, cotton balls, and pre-moistened cleansing tissues. Eye makeup remover and face cleansing milk are items I simply must have.

charcoal gray liquid eye liner3. Nail clippers, hair dryer (if I’m traveling), tweezers, some small makeup brushes, hair brush and comb are always present in my beauty kit.  A curling iron is another thing I try to carry on an overnight or a weekend trip so I can set my hair exactly the way I want it to look.

I clear out my beauty kit regularly and throw out things I’ve let accumulate and replenish it with new and fresh items. Throwing away old makeup can help prevent infections and help maintain a groomed look with clear, fresh skin.

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