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clamp on lamp, projection clock temperatureIf you have recently started college or moved out on your own for the first time, then you are left with the inevitable task of filling your new place with stuff. In addition to furniture such as a couch, chair, table, TV, and maybe a desk, you also have to get dishes, cookware, silverware, and other kitchen necessities like can openers. There is some good news that comes with moving out for the first time: a lot of people are going to just give you this stuff. This will save you the hassle and money of having to buy it. Many people will also give you a house warming gift. Since you have the necessities taken care of, here are a couple cool things you can ask for.

Kana Clamp Desk Lamp: Chances are your first place isn’t exactly a palace. One of the quirks of my first place was that there was no ceiling light hardwired into the building, so all my light came from lamps. With no central over head light to illuminate everything, I needed multiple lamps around the house. So instead of getting costly table lamps or torchierre lamps, I invested in a couple of clamp lamps. They were less expensive and more portable than the other options, giving me light where I needed it.

Projection Clock: If you have a new apartment or dorm, then you probably have their responsibility of going to school or going to work (or both) as well. Which means you need to wake up in time to get there! What better way to know if you are running late that having the time projected right on the wall? Most units come with a projection clock temperature gauge and the date displayed.

There you have it, just a couple of cool gadgets that will make your transition to the next phase of your life that much easier!!


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