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As any person who wears jeans can tell you, there are many advantages when wearing them. Versatile, full of fun and hip, jeans form the most important clothing in anyone’s wardrobe. Spandex is a unique creation that has revolutionized the way your jeans  fit. The unique characteristics of spandex when blended with cotton make it a well suited fabric for a variety of usages, right from dressy to even sports apparel.

Spandex has elastic qualities along with the fact that it allows your body comfortable breathing and movement. That is why cotton spandex jeans are very comfortable; so comfortable that you’ve probably never experienced more comfortable jeans. Pick a spandex pair of jeans and you are guaranteed to head for an all-day comfortable clothing experience. What is really worthy is that you can have them in styles ranging right from the tightly form fitting to loose and free styles. Cotton spandex is perfect for everyone as it flatters all body types because these are form fitting.

Many manufacturers cater to a wide range of styles on public demand. Certain innovations have been made in the way fabrics are blended that has resulted in amazing products. Spandex with cotton have been used by manufacturers to create jeans that are amazing in resiliency and shape recovery. For example, Gloriavanderbilt skinny jeans in cotton and a blend of spandex has a built-in stretch to allow a ‘move-as-you-move’ comfort. Gloria Vanderbilt jeans are just the perfect pair sure enough to make a great addition to your wardrobe.

Jeans with spandex can actually give a shape-retaining stretch to mould onto your body. This style can be best suited for straight leg “Skinny” Jeans and slim wearing fitted for fuller style. All you need to do is to know about your body and find the style that appeals to you and create the perfect image that you want to project.

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