Dapper mens shoes for 2012


dapper shoe, mens blue suede shoesIf you really want to impress someone, you’ve got to do it head to toe. That means you need some rather dapper shoes to get started. Many men believe that shoes aren’t a very important part of their wardrobe, but the truth is they can make or break an outfit. Ladies are especially impressed with a guy who can pull of a nice pair of shoes. So with all that said, here are some of the most stylish men’s shoes for 2012.

Men Blue Suede Shoes: It might seem like a bit of a cliche do to the song by Elvis of the same name, but Elvis was (and still is) a pretty popular guy who had millions of adoring female fans, so maybe we should hear him out. Blue suede shoes provide a foundation for your contemporary style. They come in everything from dress shoes to casual loafers so you have quite a variety of options. As with all suede items, be sure to keep them dry as water can ruin suede.

A Shoe Factory Purple Passion: If you really want to add some pizzazz to your style without going too overboard, then The Shoe Factory has come out with the perfect shoe for you. The Purple Passion (pictured) has an attractive pearlescent passion purple with elegant shades of black. Easy to clean and easy to wear, these dapper shoes will definitely impress.

Ecco Men’s Remote Slip On: With these slip on dress shoes, you never have to sacrifice style for comfort. Whether heading out for a job interview or just to the store to grab a few things, these Ecco’s will keep you looking good without killing your feet.

There you have it, just a few of the men’s shoes that are hot and popular for 2012. If you really want to expand your wardrobe options, get them all!


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