Decorate your bathroom with new shower curtains


shower squeegee, nature shower curtainsThe best way to accessorize your bathroom is by changing your shower curtains. A shower curtain is a good way of changing the whole dynamic of your bathroom. You can do new color schemes, a fun design, or a new theme. This is a good way to make your bathroom more creative and fun rather than just being white and boring. Some shower curtain themes to consider:

  • Nature shower curtains
  • Art shower curtains
  • Beach shower curtains
  • Patterned shower curtains
  • Holiday shower curtains

You can really cater your shower curtain to what you want. Have fun with it, be creative and I’m sure your guests will quickly notice your unique style. If you are a nature person you can use a forest themed shower curtain. If you are getting ready for a holiday party you can use the specific holiday theme for your bathroom shower curtain. I was once at a holiday party where the host had changed their shower curtain to a lovely picture of a snowy Christmas night.

It’s a good idea to change, or at least clean, your shower curtain from time to time. You would be surprised at the amount of dirt, dust, mold, and mildew that can accumulate on a shower curtain and shower liner over time. Having a few different shower curtains in rotation might be helpful when it comes time to clean one.

Mold and mildew can also accumulate on the tile inside your shower. Having a shower squeegee can come in handy for cleaning out the inside of a shower. A towel can be a quick way to remove water, but I’ve noticed that towels don’t do the best job of getting all the water. Sometimes towels just spread the water around. A shower squeegee, like a squeegee you’d use to clean windows, can easily remove water from the inside of your shower. These tips will help keep your bathroom looking stylish and clean.

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