What is your favorite deodorant body spray?


deodorant body spray, all that glitters body spray

Deodorants are a great way to keep body odor at bay throughout the day. There isn’t one deodorant that can work for everybody as body odors are caused by active and different lifestyles, different diets and exercises and it’s good to keep reapplying through the day to feel fresh. Some like spray deodorants and some are fine with roll-ons. Take a look at various deodorants to see what suits you best:

Deodorant body spray

Axe deodorants for men are very popular and come in multiple fragrances to suit different tastes.

1. Axe deodorant and anti-perspirant body spray is an all-time favorite. It’s very effective, long-lasting, reduces wetness and the scent stays fresh and fragrant all day long.

2. The Axe Kilo is a sensual body spray that’s masculine and fragrant. Notes of basil, rich vanilla and basil keeps you cool and fresh all day and offers good deodorant protection.

3. Phoenix body spray from Axe is a classic and fruity fragrance with a fresh and invigorating feel. It has citrus notes mixed with lavender and geranium and smells awesome.

Crystal body spray

1. Crystal all natural deodorant stick spray is fragrance and paraben free. It’s made of natural mineral salts that eliminates body odor causing bacteria. It’s nature-friendly, non-staining and non-sticky and is great for both men and women.

2. Crystal body deodorant foot spray is very effective against foot odor. It contains natural mineral salts that create a protective barrier against offensive foot odors to leave you feeling confident and energetic.

deodorant body sprayAll that glitters body spray

1. Diva Chics Be Glitzy hair and body glitter brings out the sensuous side of you. You can spray it on your clothes, body and hair and shine and sparkle like a super diva on all those special occasions.

2. Check out Diva Chics lime green, silver, gold, purple and other body glitters that are just what you need when you want to cheer yourself up. Get glamorous and glitzy with when you’re painting the town red or when you just want to rock the scene.

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