Keep your kid’s feet warm and dry with Dora boots


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Most often a kid’s taste and preference is pretty much limited to the cartoon figures they watch on TV. They want to look like a princess, want to own a Dora lunch box, and want to wear mermaid flip flops. I find it is very adorable that a kid wants their favorite cartoon character on every item they own. So are your kids big fans of Dora the Explorer? Do they demand that you buy them everything Dora affiliated? My niece is, and it is fun to watch her squeal with excitement when she gets one.

She is particularly in love with the Dora shoe collection. They actually have a vast selection of shoes appropriate for every season. Right from flip-flops and sandals for spring and summer to rain and snow boots for the cold fall and winter months. There is always a Dora shoe that fits the bill. Well, apart from the fact that these shoes look good, you should also make sure that they are functional and comfortable for your little one.

Dora boots are pretty popular among little girls. They have a fun picture of Dora on the sides and have pull up tabs on the top making it easier for your girl to put her shoes by herself. You should go online and check out their vast selection of Dora boots and avail the deals that are going on currently.

The other boot option that your child has for the cold chilly months are the kids Polo boots. They look rugged and durable to bear the rough winter months. The rubber and textile lining will keep your kid’s feet warm and dry. The best part about these boots is that they are available for both – boys and girls. You can choose these boots from various colors and patterns, so each one of your kids has unique winter boot.

Does your child own a winter boot that is durable and functional? Which boots do you recommend that a parent invest in?

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