Pamper your baby with Dr. Seuss crib bedding


Dr Seuss crib bedding, Storkcraft sleigh cribs


Oh, the places your little darling will go! The motivational Dr. Seuss book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go has interestingly inspired a crib bedding set. Not only that, most of his books have led to some wonderful crib bedding sets that create wonderful feelings and imagery for the little one. When I saw all the bedding sets I thought, why not try Dr. Seuss crib bedding set for my son?

With a wide variety of sets available, children of any age will be able to connect to their bed and enjoy their sleep even more. Don’t forget that it’s designer baby crib bedding and the ideal starting point for a stylish nursery. The decorative designs range from his books “One Fish Two Fish “to “Cat in the hat” to themes like ABC and cartoons. There really is a wide range of bedding sets available. An added advantage is that the unisex designs make it a easy and convenient situation for both girls and boys.

I personally feel that the practicality and comfort factor is very high. They are machine washable and are 100 percent cotton so the softness can definitely be enjoyed with Dr Seuss crib bedding. The safety standards are in compliance with the CPSIA guidelines making it a good bet for kids.
Storkcraft sleigh cribsWhat about adding a Storkcraft crib sleigh with one of these crib bedding sets? This sleigh bed design will enhance the look of the crib bedding set along with increasing the comfort for your baby.

 Your child will be thrilled to read Dr. Seuss books and identify the familiar characters that he sees on his bed! The sleigh shaped crib will also add to the kid’s excitement!  What are you waiting for? Go out and find the perfect bedding set for your little one. This will make a great time to read to your child and teach them the many meanings of life!

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