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Do you take shower to just complete the cleaning formality? Or is it a way to melt away stress by wrapping up in a relaxing blanket of steam?  If it is the later, then we would like to recommend installing the waterfall shower head.  Why? Have you ever enjoyed bathing in a real waterfall? It is undeniably a fun and refreshing experience. A waterfall shower head attempts to provide the same invigorating feel, mimicking the wide and thick outflow of water as seen in a waterfall.

The mechanism is diffusing the force of water flow and shaping the water in to a wide stream. It is achieved with the unique shape of the waterfall shower head. Instead of leaving the head through many tiny holes like in a traditional spout, water leaves through one long linear hole. Since the water is poured, and not sprayed, it can deliver larger amounts of water per second than its traditional counterparts. As regards fixing it up, some just screw onto the existing base whereas others are installed directly in the shower stall wall via a console like fixture.

Some of the models out there are adjustable, so you can change the water pressure and the way the water flows. This is great for those who just want to take a traditional shower, or for those who live with other people that may prefer a different mode. Waterfall shower heads are much easier to clean due to the single large gaping hole that is there.

But if you have limited space, a corner shower kit can be a practical option compared to the standard bath tub. It is relatively easy to install and the smaller design gives you less surface to maintain.

So, let us know how you are planning your shower?


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