Soften your lights with fluorescent light diffusers


fluorescent light diffusers, lens fluorescent fixtureIf you haven’t made the switch from incandescent lighting to fluorescent bulbs, then it’s definitely time to do so. They will save you a lot of money, are better for the environment,  and are far more efficient. There really is no good reason for using incandescent lights over fluorescent or compact fluorescent bulbs!

There are many benefits of using fluorescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs. Many use 2/3 less energy than standard lighting. They also use 70% less heat, and can last up to ten times longer than regular lights. That’s ten light bulbs that you won’t have to buy. You aren’t just saving money on your electricity bill, you’ll also be saving when you factor in all the light bulbs that you won’t have to buy.  Five fluorescent bulbs will save you from buying 50 normal bulbs during their lifespan! That is a lot of money saved.

A single compact fluorescent bulb, or CFL, can prevent over 450 pounds of emissions from power plants. Imagine how much emissions can be eliminated if your family and just a few of your friends switched over to CFLs. Here are some tips to get the most out of your fluorescent lights:

Fluorescent light diffusers

Fluorescent light diffusers are panels or other covers that are designed to soften the light from fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs can be pretty bright so getting a light diffuser can really soften the lighting of a room. They can also change the color if you don’t want a light that is too white.

For CFLs you can get a lens fluorescent fixture. It has a CFL built in and you won’t have to worry about the light being too bright. They look very natural and will go well in any room. These ceiling fixtures are perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, and even in hallways.

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