Place a folding coffee table to save space


folding coffee table, hailey mirrored coffee table

Everybody likes to decorate their homes with chic looking furniture but at the same time do not want the room to look cramped and small. Well, we cannot leave the room empty without any furniture and will have to pick and choose furniture pieces we like after careful consideration of the existing space. So what does one do when you want to have nice furniture but do not want to use up much space?

I would definitely recommend that you choose styles based on your taste and not based on what is trendy. Also, make sure the new pieces compliment the rest of the home décor. I would also suggest that you look for items that are multi functional such as an ottoman which can be used as a coffee table as well as serve as extra seating when you have guests. These kinds of furniture pieces are best utilized when space is a luxury and you want to give your rooms some unique personality.

A folding coffee table is another example that will help you save space. You can just slide out the other half of the folding coffee table when you have guest at your place and the rest of time keep it compact with the other half.  There are plenty of other furniture pieces such as sofa bed that is again a space saving piece. You just need to search a little harder on the internet as you will find amazing furniture that will look great in any room.

The other day I came across an article that said adding mirrors to a room add depth and dimension which helps the room to look spacious. Other than placing sunburst mirrors or any vintage mirrors on the wall, you can also keep a mirrored coffee table in a room. How fun will Hailey mirrored coffee table look on your rug in the living room. It will give the living room a distinctive look and also will be an amazing conversation starter.


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