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gel foam mattress, nanogel mattress topper

Doctors recommend a full eight hours of sleep to ensure good health and optimum energy. Sleep deprivation can cause puffy, lack luster eyes, dull and dry hair, a spotty, sallow complexion and a whole lot of other lifestyle disorders. It can affect your day to day relationships and your work life. The number of hours you sleep and the quality of that sleep is extremely important for your well-being. Read on here to find out how you can improve your sleep and get recharged with modern technology:

Gel foam mattress

Your mattress is crucial in ensuring a good night’s sleep. If you’ve tossed and turned the whole night trying to find a good position and have woken up feeling irritable, yes, you’ve had an awful night. What you need is a firm, supportive mattress that allows you to hold a relaxing, sleeping position that supports your entire back and neck effectively.

The honeycomb structure of the gel that is used in gel foam mattresses ensures good sleep. Blueflex gel memory foam mattress molds to the shape of your body and offers the required support needed to rest comfortably while sleeping. It feels cool as the gel memory foam disperses your body heat while sleeping. Some of them have soothing additives to lull you into relaxing sleep.

Gel foam mattresses have longer life than regular mattresses. When not in use, they get back their natural shape.  Mattresses like Invacare have therapeutic features to help ailing and aged people sleep comfortably.

gel foam mattressNanogel mattress topper

Mattresses with nanogel technology and memory foam help you get undisturbed sleep. A gel memory foam topper of around 2 to 2½” helps cradle your body to relieve backaches and remove pressure points while sleeping. You can go in for nature-friendly toppers made with plant ingredients that have antimicrobial properties for a cool and comfortable sleeping experience.

A lot of nanogel mattress toppers come with a comfort cover. The cover zips on and off for you to remove easily. Additionally, rhey’re washing machine friendly, making them easy to maintain.

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