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hamburger press, dough sheeterThere are a wide variety of fancy kitchen gadgets out there. Just watch some late night infomercials on TV for evidence of that. Some of them are cool, while some of them are pointless or cheap. Well I’m here to help you sift between the cool gadgets and the wastes of time.

Hamburger Press: If you’re an average American, then you love making some hamburgers. There’s nothing like a perfectly round patty grilled to perfection. So why not get something that helps you make that perfect patty? A hamburger press will pop out a perfect patty every time, and they are relatively inexpensive as you can find one for under $20.

Croissant Dough Sheeter: If you are an aspiring professional baker, looking to open your own baking business, or just plain like to bake a lot, then a dough sheeter can definitely come in handy. No more having to break out the rolling pin and kill your arms (and time) flattening out dough. A dough sheeter can get the job done in a fraction of the time with minimal effort.

Toaster/Griddle Combo: Like most people, you’ve probably lived with other people at some point in your adult life. And two of the most common points for arguments are dishes and being noisy when other are trying to sleep. This can pose a problem when you can to make breakfast in the morning, but you want to keep it clean and quiet. Behold the Toaster Griddle! This two slot toaster has a flip down griddle on the side that heats up to 450 degrees so you can toss an egg and sausage patty on there while you wait for your toast. When it’s all said and done, you have a nice, quiet, complete breakfast with almost no mess! Just remove to griddle for an easy wash and you’re on your way!



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