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drummer apparel

Admit it! You’ve always wanted to be a part of the punk rock crowd. Even if you haven’t you’ve probably seen that style and wondered if you could pull it off for yourself. The good news is that anyone can pull off any look with the right attitude – whether or not that look is  your optimal style however is an entirely different question. Still, switching up your style is something we whole-heartedly advocate here at Be Suave, and pushing yourself well out of the comfort zone is an important and unavoidable consequence of doing just that. Read on for some great tips on how you can adopt the punk rock style and make it work for you.

Drummer Apparel

drummer apparelThe first step to getting that punk rock style is getting yourself some drummer apparel. It’s true that often lead singers and lead guitarists tend to get lots of praise but it’s often the drummers who are rocking the truly wild style. When they’re not tearing off their shirts and throwing around their wild hair, drummers are often sporting some great fitting shirts, often featuring other popular bands and slogans. Doing so associates them with a certain in-crowed, and as someone trying to cop that look you should do the same.

The Ironic Shirt

The other side of the punk rock escapade is the ironic apparel. In this case it’s a bit of a hipster thing involving wearing things that wouldn’t normally be associated with, well, anything really. Toward that end try to go as random as you possibly can, think something like pierce fire equipment shirts or pink crocks. The stranger the better in this case. It will go a long way in making you stand out from the usual crowd, and will catapult you to that next level of fashion crazy.

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