How to stand out in this rainy season


golf rain suits in adjustable lengths

The rainy season is upon us and that’s a confusing time for some less informed women – but not for you! Not for the gorgeous women of Be In Style! No sir, no woman reading this blog will share the common despair that grasps women under the mistaken belief that rain means an end to creative fashion and cute outfits. No indeed, the rainy season is in fact just a new way for you to express yourself fashionably and that means all sorts of great options – from fun rain boots and snazzy umbrellas to options you haven’t even thought of! And that friends is exactly what this post is all about – read on for some mind blowing fashion tips that will have you turning the rainy sidewalk into your own personal catwalk.

The Golf Rain Suit 

golf rain suits in adjustable lengthsIf the prospect of golf rain suits in adjustable lengths doesn’t rock your world then you’re probably dead. This is exactly the type of thing you should be showing off on your way to the cafe. Why? Because it’s completely unexpected! Not just a raincoat, but a golf rain suit – it really doesn’t get much better than that. Be sure to pair this with some equally outlandish stunner shades. But Be in Style, I hear you scream, rainy weather is antithetical to sunglasses! Nay we say! Because it’s unexpected!

Plaid Golf Pants

My god it’s genius! Plaid golf pants might just be the most magical wearable invention since the advent of the cape and riding hood. Golf fashion is often looked down upon and relegated solely to the country club golf course, but that is precisely the reason to bring this exciting and controversial new fashion trend to the forefront. All of your friends will be talking about your avant garde approach and soon you’ll have to find a new way to stand out.

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