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king bed quilts, queen storage bed

Tired of how your room looks? Giving your bedroom a whole new look can be a tad expensive if you’re going about it on a sudden impulse or mood. But you can change just a few things and achieve a fresh look with very little effort and on a far smaller budget. Change your room with these easy and simple ideas:

King bed quilts

What is the look you’re aiming for? Is it an ocean-front look or a Mediterranean look? Or do you want a homely quilt with bright, floral patterns? You can transform the look of your bedroom with the right quilt.

An Ocean Wave quilt can give you the feeling that you’re staying near the ocean. The 100% cotton quilt is patterned in stripes of varying shades of blue and green to bring the ocean right into your room for a soothing effect. The other side of the quilt also has coordinating stripes for when you want a different look.

Choose a floral pattern to evoke memories of flowery, summer evenings with the microfiber polyester Aiden quilt. It has a central pattern with floral borders in a rich array of evening colors like midnight blue, ivory and tan. You can show off the midnight blue floral designs whenever you want by simply flipping it over.

Queen storage bed

king bed quiltsClearing away old clutter and rearranging things in the bedroom can help you get a spacious and relaxing atmosphere. If the room is small and compact, a queen sized storage bed with two or four drawers can serve you well.

In fact, I have a storage bed with 12 drawers. The drawers are on both sides of the bed and glide in and out smoothly. My room always looks clean and neat. I’ve organized and put all my things out of the way in the functional drawers which gives my room a streamlined look. Built-in lighting on the bed also adds a romantic dimension to my room.

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