Lace curtains give the right amount of light and privacy


Lace curtains set, Purple daisy shower curtain

While decorating a house, most of us focus on the various furniture pieces, wall hangings and the wall paint in the room. All of these are very important but another important aspect of home décor is the curtains, which really help to tie the entire room together.

If you have a lot of bold colors in the form of your couch, pillows or rugs, then place a plain curtain in a single color tone. If the pieces in your room are in neutral colors then adding curtains with patterns and colors will set the right tone for the room. So, if you have the basic white shades for the window then consider upgrading to new curtains. They will completely change the look of your room.

There are a wide variety of curtains for your room that you can choose from. There are single or double lined curtains, voile curtains, lace curtains, swag curtains and tab top curtains. Each one of them is unique and can be easily incorporated in your room. I am particularly inclined towards hanging lace curtains in my room. I like the fact that they look elegant and timeless and will go perfectly with my traditional furniture pieces. Lace curtains set gives you the right amount of light and privacy and its delicate and intricate texture helps you doll up your windows. A violet linen daisy design sheer three piece curtain set can be a perfect addition to your room.

On the same note, I think having the right shower curtain is also important for your bathroom. It will make it look cohesive with the other bathroom accessories. A lot of people do not focus on the kind of shower curtains they want in the bathroom. A purple daisy shower curtain is a cute option that will brighten up your day.

So do you have any preference with the kind of curtains you want or have in your room?


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