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privilege perfume, aerie vintage lace perfume

You probably have plenty of lovely perfumes that you love. But there are some that you may want to wear more often than the others. Something about certain fragrances appeals to you and makes you feel good about yourself. Two such perfumes are Privilege perfume and the Aerie vintage lace perfume. Take a look at these two popular perfumes that you will love and desire:

Privilege perfume

1. When you’re checking out new perfumes, you get a whiff of the top notes that hit you first. Then you smell the middle notes that evaporate a little faster. But what makes a long and lingering impression are the base notes on perfumes that last the longest on your skin.

2. Privilege perfume is characterized as an Oriental fragrance with sharp, feminine notes. The fruity top notes hit you first. Floral middle notes of jasmine, rose, carnation and lily-of-the-valley take over to blend quietly with end notes of musk, sandal, cedar and tonka.

3. It was launched in 1986 and has remained a popular daytime perfume ever since. I’ve received compliments galore whenever I’ve worn it. The best compliment is the one when people tell me that they like being around me because they love the fragrance that surrounds me.

privilege perfumeAerie vintage lace perfume

1. When you want to be the femme fatale, you want an exciting and sensual fragrance that attracts and allures. But when you want clean, sweet and soothing, there’s nothing to beat the Aerie vintage perfume.

2. The blend of delicate honeysuckle and the pleasant, subtle fragrance of paperwhites are young and feminine. Warm notes of vanilla leave an impression of everlasting romance in your heart. The delicate and girly perfume is safe and restful and doesn’t overwhelm you even though the fragrance lingers on the whole day. It’s available in a rollerball version too for convenience during travel or to the workplace.

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