Purchasing a new Panasonic plasma TV


panasonic plasma tv, elite projector screenWhen it comes to buying a new plasma television you really can’t go wrong with any of the major brands. Panasonic, Samsung, Vizio, and Sony all make quality televisions. The decision between which one is best is really up to you.

The Panasonic plasma TV offers its latest VIERA technology. What a Panasonic VIERA television offers is the ability to stream multimedia from the Internet into your television. You can watch Youtube videos, browse photo albums, look at The Weather Channel, browse your Netflix, Skype with friends and family, and even use twitter all from your television set. The latest Panasonic plasma TVs that feature VIERA even have wi-fi capability.  No extra pesky cords hanging from your TV will make your entertainment center look amazing. If you’re looking to seriously upgrade your television set, consider a Panasonic plasma TV.

The latest plasma television sets are no less the 42 inches in size. Make sure the area where you will be putting your television set can accommodate a 42-inch TV or larger. To get an optimal viewing experience you’ll want to have your television in a central location relative to your seating area. You don’t want to be sitting too close or too far away. As a seating distance guide consider this:

Viewing Distance (in feet)        Recommended TV size (in inches)

  • 5 – 6                                              36 – 46
  • 6 – 8                                              40 – 64
  • 8 – 10                                             55 – 70

If your entertainment center is built for a large viewing audience and you want to take your experience to an entire new level you’ll want to get a home projector. It’s similar to a movie theater experience only in your home and with any TV channel you want. This isn’t something you can just throw up on the wall either. For the best viewing quality you’ll need an elite projector screen. This will provide an optimal surface for the images from the projector to be displayed.

Anytime you watch a movie or TV it’s all about the experience. Make sure your entertainment center is giving you the best viewing experience available.

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