Saving bedroom space with bunk beds


built in bunk beds, storage chests trunksSaving space in bedrooms is very important. If you have more than one child and not enough space in the house consider turning one room into a shared room with built in bunk beds. Bunk beds can save quite a bit of room because they take advantage of the vertical space that most rooms don’t use. Also, having your children share a room can make for a good bonding experience.

Bunk beds are a huge space saver. You can take away some of the worry of having enough room for overnight guests. Children can get a good night sleep and still have their own space while sleeping without sharing a single bed. Bunk beds are quite cost effective as well. It’s significantly less expensive to buy a bunk bed then to buy two separate beds. Picking what’s best for your children and you really depends on the space your room has available. Some brands to consider when looking around are:

  • Stairway Bunk Bed
  • Atlantic Furniture Colorado
  • Yale Twin Bunk Bed with workstation
  • Bolton Furniture Lyndon

Personally I like the look of the bunk beds that are perpendicular to each other rather than being on top of each other. Also consider looking into a bunk bed set that offers a workstation. This is typically a great area for a laptop or a printer.

Saving Space

If your children are going to be sharing a room, you are going to need as many space saving items as you can get. Consider placing storage chest trunks at the foot of the bed. They can be used to store toys, extra clothes, or personal items. You may want to think about purchasing two chest trunks so each child has their own personal storage place. Take advantage of any space saving ideas you come across because it’s typically a great way to remove clutter and stay organized.

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