Ski without the snow with ski skates


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Skiing is one of those recreational activities that a lot of us would love to do on a regular basis. The only problem with skiing would be if you don’t have a skiing track or a mountain range nearby. With the help of ski skates you don’t really need to go anywhere and you don’t even need snow if you desire to ski.

Ski skates basically fit under almost every snow boot like your regular ski. The difference between your regular ski’s and this one would be the presence of tiny wheels which would help you freely skate around on solid surfaces. Thanks to these specialized skis you can have the experience of skiing anytime during the year. All you need is a flat surface and your skis and you will have that exact skiing experience you always crave for. These ski skates require a pair of ski poles for skating around the street. Using them gives you the same experience as you would have while skiing on actual snow rather than just skating around.

Streetski designs some of the best ski skates around. Their ski skates offer the best and closest possible experience to actual skiing on snow. Using them would give you the impression that you are using real skis like the Ski 84 by Head. They are designed keeping alpine skiers in mind. The ski skates designed by Street Ski offer the best and the closest possible resemblance to traditional skiing. This is largely thanks to their design and placement of the wheels. They come stocked with Marker ski bindings. They are also designed to be used with the poles and ski boots which you have just like regular skis. This way you don’t need to get specialized ski boots for them. These ski skates have 4 wheels on each skate. One at the top end, the other at the bottom and two close to each other in the center. Since they fit like a regular snow ski on your ski boots you don’t need to get yourself a pair of ski poles as well. Thanks to these ski skates you can have the experience of alpine or downhill skiing throughout the year. Once

Initially you will find it a little difficult but once you get used to it all you need is a flat surface.


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