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plus size cowl draped dress, plus size embellished jeans

If you are a plus size gal then I guess you are familiar with the cute clothes challenge that one often runs into. You like something in the store but know that you will not find the size that would fit you. Many stores and designers just do not carry them in their line of clothing. Common complaint that plus size brought was the lack of simple, reasonably well tailored clothes in natural fibers. The plus size clothing only looked bulky and unattractive. The clothes in these sizes were anything but well designed. They had the ugliest pattern and color choices.

I am sure people will agree that it takes a lot more work to find excellent plus-size clothes. Additionally I also think plus-size women have to look even more put-together and well-dressed to be recognized as such. If you combine these two challenges together and club it with a culture that tells plus-size women are unattractive, not good enough as they are, that they have to ‘hide’ their bodies, it can probably be quite difficult for plus-size women to put in that extra effort to try and look very sharply dressed. It is more work and there is less motivation because the culture is so negative about plus size women.
However, with passage of time, I think there is now a decent selection out there—especially in the last five years or so. There are exclusive stores that carry plus size clothes, ranging from trendy to contemporary. There is something for every size women, be it a dress, bathing suit or a cute new outfit for work. Two popular clothes that have been well liked and worn well are:

plus size cowl draped dress and plus size embellished jeans

You will discover feminine and trend put together in different choices. These stores keep a plus sized gal’s curves well in mind and also follows today’s fashion trends. Lane Bryant, Avenue, Torrid, Missphit, Ashley Stewart are some popular stores to head into.

Enjoy with style, being the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios! Is life not more interesting when you dare to be different?



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