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texturizer for hair, comb in hair peices

If you’re fed up of the same look, you can get a hair makeover without any difficulty. Texturizer for hair can do it for you. It’s a chemical based product that relaxes curly hair and straightens it, allowing you to style it easily. Read on here to find out some more facts about texturizer before you go in for a makeover:

Texturizer for hair

1. Texturizer is a cream formulation and contains chemicals like sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide. When applied on hair for a short period, it acts on curly hair to remove curls. It doesn’t completely straighten the hair but removes curls to give you wavy hair that is way more manageable.

2. A relaxer is also a texturizer but needs to be left on for a longer time, around 20-30 minutes to remove curls. Hair texturizer should be left on hair for a short period, around 7-8 minutes, depending on the hair texture. The effects are permanent but only until new hair starts growing out.

3. Texturizer for hair is not for you if you want to stay chemical free. If not used with caution, you can end up permanently damaging your hair with side effects like hair loss, balding and chemical burning. It’s best to use it under an expert’s guidance.

4. Better results are seen on short hair rather than on long hair. Even expert stylists sometimes have problems maintaining a uniform texture as some hair strands straighten while some remain curly or wavy.

texturizer for hairComb in hair pieces

1. Using a hair piece comb is a much safer and easier way to get a hair makeover. You can be creative with the comb attachments like the Oster combs that give your hair a layered look. The combs can be attached over a blade securely on all Oster and other standard clippers.

2. Other fancy combs like the EZ stretchable combs let you create various hairstyles in a jiffy. You’ll never run short of hair styles for any occasion with these.

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