Make unique cards with the Valentine Days card kit


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Valentine day is the most romantic day of the year. You pamper each other with flowers, chocolates, fine dining etc. It is exciting to give and receive gifts from your significant other and see their face beam with joy. But I like to start the Valentine day preparations a few days in advance with some DIY projects. It might be interesting even to get your kids involved in these projects and make it a day that they will remeValentine's Day card kitmber forever.

Valentine Days card kit

The valentine day card kit is a wonderful option if you are doing crafts with your little one. Explaining the significance of the day while doing this project will make them all the more enthusiastic about it. Everybody gets an opportunity to express their feelings about the day and get creative with this kit. Most valentine day card kits come with fun stickers, fancy colored paper, decorating tips and instructions to guide you. Your kids can even do this project for school and hand out their unique cards to their classmates.

Make hearts using brown paper bag

Another project that is also very simple, easy and fun for everybody is making hearts, decorating them and hanging them around the house. Take a brown paper bag and cut it in to a heart shape. Glue the sides with the glue gun and ask your kids to use their imagination when decorating the heart using colors, sparkles and stickers. Finally you can glue a red ribbon to the heart and hang it on the door knob of their room and make them feel special.

Other fun Valentine Day craft projects

Some other Valentine Day ideas include making heart shaped red velvet cupcakes for your significant other, putting up Valentine garland in the family room to make the house look more festive and making a heart shaped cardboard picture frame to place your most romantic pictures in it.


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