5 healthy and stress-free ways you can spend Valentine’s Day with friends


brut champagne, valentines day cupcakesFor singles out there dreading the forthcoming of Valentine’s Day, rest assured that although it’s long been associated as a lover’s holiday, the festival has grown beyond those of us in monogamous relationships in order to encompass everyone we love. When it comes down to it, this day doesn’t need to be a day filled with boxes of chocolates alongside roses from your significant other. You can celebrate by recognizing and appreciating the friendships that mean most in your life. So, whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Single’s Awareness Day (as some singles like to put it), you can follow these few ideas on how to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in a jovial setting.

1. Spend Time With Family- Growing up, my sister and I were always encouraged to say ‘I love you’ to other family members with flowers and a simple gift. If you’re a family oriented person, spend time baking Valentine’s Day cupcakes with your family. Such traditions help generate positive feelings for one another and create happiness in the family.

Brut Champagne, champagne, valentines day, valentines day champagne2. Have a Wii & Wine Party- Round up some healthy snacks and gather your pals around a Wii Fit! You can also add Brut Champagne into the mix if you’re more into bubbly than flat wine. Nothing beats a night out with your best friends! You’ll have a great time and get in some exercise together.

3. Go for a Movie Date- Set up a movie date with your friends. Go out and catch the latest comedy at your local theater. If you’re indifferent about going out, bring the cinema to the comfort of your home. Snack on some fresh veggies, hummus, pita, fruit, or whatever you wish in order to avoid popcorn and candy cravings.

4. Set Up a Gratitude Box- In an episode of the Oprah show, Oprah had demonstrated the purpose of a heart-shaped ‘gratitude box’. Not your typical V-day box filled with guilty calories, a gratitude box is where each person can jot down the things they’re most grateful for about their friends. Throw a party and invite some of your best friends over for a sincere bonding activity to liven up the Valentine’s Day aura.

5. Plan a Trip- Plan a getaway trip with your closest friends. There’s nothing more luring than white sands, blue beaches, drinks, and a nice tan! Preceding Valentine’s Day, set realistic goals for one another to inspire a fitness routine. People who share fitness goals working together are twice as likely to reach their goals versus someone doing it alone. So gather your pals together and make some plans for a great escape!

Nothing against candy and romance, but Valentine’s Day is a great way to show you care for your friends, so share the V-day love with those around you!

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