Weight bench: the fastest way to build muscle


weight bench

Many of the current fitness fads highlight dexterity, agility and body resistant type exercises. While this new-aged workouts are an excellent way to get in shape and get lean fast, but when it comes to putting on muscle and getting that big, body-builder look, nothing beats the good old-fashioned weight bench. Here are 3 reasons why home weight benches are the best and fastest way to build muscle:

Heavy Lifting

No exercise on the planet allows you to push as much weight with your upper-body as the most classic weight bench lift: the bench press. The general consensus among the fitness community is that using few reps while lifting heavier weights develops bigger and stronger muscles as compared to numerous reps/lighter weights model. It is the stability that a weight bench provides that allows you lift heavier weights because it allows you to focus the exercise on the lift rather than keeping balance. Options like the Marcy Monster Weight Bench also allow you to adjust the angle of the bench, giving you the opportunity to alter the angle of the lift and isolate specific muscle groups.

Multipurpose Uses

While the most beneficially aspect of the weight bench is its ability to provide support of heavy lifts, it also gives you an ideal workout station which you can base the rest of your workout around. As an elevated bench, the weight bench allows you to do a multitude of abdominal and body weight exercises.

Ease of Use

A primary benefit of having your own home weight bench that cannot be ignored is its ease of use. You will no longer have the age old excuse of not having enough time to workout since you will have your own versatile fitness machine at your home.

There is a reason why every gym you ever walk into will have several weight benches: they work!

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