What footwear to wear with tapered jeans


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I was looking for a laid back pair of jeans for just casual occasions, something in between skinny and boyfriend jeans. I do not like the low rise style that seems to be what most jeans are lately. And I have had a hard time finding jeans in the past  that fit and are equally comfortable. So my search led me to trying out tapered jeans that fit the bill perfectly. They are very casual and very versatile. They might be your favorite jeans in your wardrobe too if you like your jeans comfortable. Tapered jeans have great fit and just enough give so they are not too tight. They sit right at the waist where I like them. You can pair them with casual dresses over different footwear choices.

Tapered jeans can be accessorized for dressing up or dressing down. A variety of shoe wear work well with tapered jeans. From casual to dressy, footwear options can be stylishly synchronized with tapered jeans. So see how with the following footwear you can create an easy daytime look or sophisticated look perfect for a night out.


  • Pumps add the illusion of length to your legs and come on an assortment of different widths, heights and designs. All the different pumps will compliment  and look great when paired with tapered jeans. A researched tip when shopping for pumps is to buy them at the end of the day. Reason?  Feet sometimes swell as the day goes on, and this will help you buy  a size that is comfortable for you all day long.


  • Boots are another popular option that are commonly chosen for wear with tapered jeans. Boots enhance the overall tapered look of the jeans. Boots come in a myriad of style options, so wear what works best with your personal style. Regardless of what style you choose, just as in case of your tapered jeans, comfort should be the key. High heeled boots create the perfect look for a night out occasion. Slouchy boots over a tapered jeans can be paired up with a dress down blouse or a comfortable sweater.


  • Flats offer one of the most feminine looks of all footwear options available. They come in a variety of colors and styles and can be worn when dressing out or with dressy styles as well.

Many of my friends has equally liked miss me glitz border boot stretch jeans over tapered jeans. So go out and see what fit you like and are comfortable to wear.

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