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49ers bbq grill, new orlean saints phiten necklace

Sure the NFL season is over, but the great thing about being an NFL fan is that you can show your support for your favorite team all year long! Here are some awesome NFL accessories you can nab to show that team spirit at all times.

BBQ Cover: You need to protect your BBQ from the elements of nature anyway, so why not show your support with an NFL BBQ cover? There are different sizes available. Since I’m a 49ers fan, naturally I’d go for a 49ers BBQ cover. But of course, you can go for any team you want!

Phiten Necklace: So a BBQ cover is great, but only if someone happens to be at your home to see it. What if you want to show everyone how big of a Saints fan you are all the time? Just grab a New Orleans Saints phiten necklace to wear all day every day!

Player Jersey: Maybe you’re more of a fan of a particular player instead of a whole team, or have a favorite team but also a favorite player on that team. Just get a player jersey! Whether you like Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Ray Lewis, or want to get a jump on the new Broncos’ Peyton Manning jersey, you can get any player jersey your heart desires!

Home Decor: If you’re a true fan, then everyone comes to your house on Sundays to watch the games. Help get then in the mood by decorating your game room with NFL gear! Grab a standings board to make sure everyone knows where their team is at. An NFL themed pool table will keep you occupied during half time. A pub table and chair will give your home the feel of an authentic sports bar. And a mini fridge emblazoned with your favorite team will keep all your refreshments cool and handy!


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