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mens cuff bracelets

Hello out there Pocketchange readers! As you no doubt know, we here at Be Suave are big advocates of classic foundation styles that you can use as building blocks to find your own unique self expression. What often gets left out of that discussion though is just how to go about creating a personal style, and that’s what we’re going to be focusing on today. One of the best and easiest ways to begin standing out a little bit is through the simple inclusion of accessories to your outfit. Many men make the mistake of thinking that “jewelry” is strictly for women, and therefore never even bother to look at the vast array of accessories that are in fact available to men.  The great news here is that since so many men neglect this important facet altogether, you really only need to do a very bare minimum to stand out in any meaningful fashion. Read on for some tips on how you can use accessories to take your personal style to the next level!

The Cuff Bracelet

mens cuff braceletsMens cuff bracelets are generally metal bracelets that have an opening on one end and do not feature any sort of clasping mechanism. They are a great casual due to the usually slim profile they have on the wrist. These types of bracelets are popular with the more “hippy” or “beach bum” aesthetic and go well for men who are really trying to keep their style toned down.

The Leather Bracelet

Men leather bracelet or band designs are generally thicker and do not necessarily feature a cuffed or open ended architecture. These bracelets are generally more at home with the club going and dressed up crowd. The reason they work so well in that setting is simple: everyone is already dressed up, so a leather bracelet is a good way for a man to suggest a laid back air while still looking the part of the confident male.

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