3 fun chairs for your living room


armless living room chair, twin sleeper chair

One of the most frustrating moments about having guests over is trying to find enough places for everyone to sit. Sitting on the floor is uncomfortable for your guests and embarassing for the hosts. The only remedy is to get more chairs. You don’t want to just get a bunch of those metal folding chairs though, they can become very uncomfortable if someone sits in one for any extended period of time, not to mention that they aren’t very pleasing to look at. That’s why we’ll be looking at some chairs that are not only comfy, but will go with your home decor as well.Twin Sleeper Chair: If you’re familiar with a futon couch, a twin sleeper chair follows the same idea. Starting out as a large chair, it folds out into a twin sized bed if one of your guests will be staying the night! These are awesome to have if you are in a smaller home as they will save you the space of keeping an extra guest bed. Most come with a removable and washable slip cover. As a chair, it’s big enough to fit two average sized people so when it comes to being an all around space saver, it can’t be beat!

Armless Living Room Chairs: If you are looking for a more decorative look to your seating arrangement, go for an armless chair. With a near limitless amount of sizes and designs, you can definitely find the perfect chair for your home. Numerous patterns, colors, material, and sizes are all options for you to choose from.

Bean Bag Chair: Who said bean bag chairs have gone out of style? Go retro with a size and design that fits your needs. From extra large bags, to kid sized,bean bags with your favorite sports team, to fun shapes like animals and lips, you can take this in any direction you see fit!



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