Automatic pet feeders for your beloved pets


automatic pet feeder, pet gates for catsFeeding your cat while you are out of the house can be made easy with an automatic pet feeder. These are great for dogs and cats. If you’re planning on going on vacation this is a great tool to use for your beloved pets. If you get home late from work you no longer have to worry about your pets getting their dinner late. Here are some automatic pet feeders to consider:

  • PAW automatic pet feeder (large capacity)
  • 4 Meal programmable automatic pet feeder
  • Ergo automatic pet feeder
  • Automatic feeder (5 days)

These feeders can be quite unique. They can be elegant for the fine dining pet, or they can be more simplistic for the sloppy pet. Some automatic pet feeders have the option of being run on a timer. The food will dispense on timed intervals so you don’t have to worry about over feeding your pets. I’ve used automatic pet feeders for my dogs when I’m not going to be home until late. My friend used an automatic pet feeder for his cat when he went to Europe for a week. When he got back the litter box was a disaster, but at least the cat got its food for a whole week. Unfortunately, I think his cat got into a room and mistook some pillows for a litter box.

That’s why if you’re going to be out of the house, on a vacation, or just don’t want your cat going into certain areas of the house you should put up pet gates for cats. These are also useful for dogs. Depending on the size of your pet you may require a smaller or larger pet gate. So keep in mind if you’re leaving on vacation and don’t want to worry if your neighbor remembered to feed your pet, get an automatic feeder.

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