Stay organized with a bathroom mirror medicine cabinet


bathroom mirror medicine cabinet, espresso medicine cabinet

A mirrored medicine cabinet in bathroom can be a very useful item for the everyday use. It will help save time in the morning when most of us are in a hurry to get dressed and need various things. Also when one returns back home tired, they will have the ease of accessibility of things they need, and hence save time to catch some rest and relax.

For many bathrooms storage can be a serious issue and for such bathrooms, having a bathroom mirror medicine cabinet plays a crucial role to storing toiletries, medicines, cosmetics and other small objects. In fact, these cabinets not only serve to be great furniture pieces for storage and organization, they also lend a touch of aesthetics and décor to the space. Generally the most common style of having these mirrored cabinets is the one that sits above the sink area. They are affixed under the main source of light so that the mirror can become most functional for various uses such as shaving, applying make up etc.

One can have these medicine cabinets with a single mirror or multi mirror depending on storage needs, the size of the sink and the wall space. While longer areas can have multiple mirror medicine cabinets, the smaller areas can avail the benefits from a single mirror medicine cabinet. One can even affix an extra single mirror cabinet on a sidewall for extra storage. One can go for color choices of these cabinets depending on the color scheme of the space. Perhaps an espresso medicine cabinet would give a great look since it matches most furniture and accessories around.

Well, the benefits of having a medicine cabinet in your bathroom are many. It serves as a concealed storage area giving quick access to things used on an everyday basis. Individual shelves with varying heights help in storing items of different height and size. One can also store items like shaving kits, manicure items, makeup tools and more.

Indeed, mirrored cabinets serve great convenience and add to the décor while keeping your bathroom well organized- an absolute knick-knack space!

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