How to get with the cross body bag trend


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It was the staple for the dance set back in the 80’s. Today cross body bags are back with a bang. It is seen slung almost every celebrity’s shoulder. From Emma Watson to Rihanna, Christina Ricci to Leighton Meester the list goes on and on. And why not? This bag style allows you to keep your hands totally free for vital things like maybe a blackberry and a cup of coffee along with carrying all your junk.

Personally I am into over-sized and spacious bags, but once I was gifted one of those bronze leather cross body bags. Cross body bags prove to be the best bet when you do not want to carry a ton of stuff. Think of house parties, nights out or simple shopping, when you want to pack just the essentials! All you need is the minimalist inspired cross body bag for ultimate convenience.

Some people question why it is a favorite… Discover now!

  •  Not only can you just swing a cross body bag over your shoulder and walk with utmost confidence, but you know it will not get in your way. In fact if you wear it across your body, security is also a plus. It makes it very difficult for anybody to swipe any of your things.
  • Let’s be totally honest! Sometimes carrying a cute clutch might get a bit obnoxious. On the other hand while we simply adore wristlets, they can be a menace when you want to grab a drink or just dance. With a cross body bag, you will possibly never remember it until the time you need touch up on your lip gloss.
  • Small bag, (so usually) small price tag! The best bet.
  • Recently, I picked up one of the fabric Roxy cross body bags. It is so cute that it works well with just about any outfit. Whether it be a flirty bandage skirt or an oversized sweater, trust me it looks just fine!



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