Rustic and quaint cedar wood birdhouses


Cedar wood birdhouse, bird feeder pigeon proof


Recently, I went shopping for a birdhouse and was utterly confused of which one to pick up. After undertaking tremendous research I zeroed upon a cedar wood birdhouse. Interestingly some of the interesting types cedar birdhouses which I came across include the following:

  • A picturesque birdhouse with a French door and beautiful detailing on front porch. The back wall can be removed with ease for good maintenance.
  • There are also unique looking birdhouses made in white as well. They come in the shape of a church. It is rare and works very well as a gift too.
  • If you like classy yet cute birdhouses, you can opt for colorful ones as well.

A birdhouse in cedar wood is a favorite for reasons more than one:

  • It is relatively light weight.
  • Can be easily maintained with a protective finish.
  • If you want insects to stay away, then there is nothing better that cedar wood. While the smell is a lovely one, it is almost impervious to insects.
  • Durability is a great factor under consideration. It withstands the weathering process way more than the other types of wood.

The cedar wood has a lovely color to it which gives a rustic feel to it. Interestingly brightly colored birdhouses are an absolute no-no. In fact duller tones are great options for the ones that are mounted in the trees.

Did you ever realize that location of a birdhouse is as important as it’s structure? If you have a tall tree, then it would ideal you mount the bird house on some type of solid support. Birds usually enjoy a south facing entrance.  Interestingly there are several birds that like their homes in the open with no buildings and trees in the open. Flycatchers, bluebirds and martins are some of them that fall in this category. In fact I keep the bird feeder pigeon proof also at a distance.

Always remember that birds are territorial in nature and love their nesting space. Thus avoid placing houses very close to each other to avoid abandonment. Do not forget to get a predator shield too!

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