Colorful flower rings for spring


Flower ruby ring, flower shaped round opal ring

Rings are one of those accessories that can be the cherry on top when putting together an outfit. They add that extra little flair or pop of color that you want, but are still able to be subtle and elegant. If you want to add some variety to your ring collection, flower rings are really popular and will be easy to find this spring.

Ruby gemstones are widely used in flower rings today such as the flower ruby ring pictured above, left. Throughout history, the ruby gemstone has been desired by many including royalty, and has been known for being more beautiful and precious compared to the diamond, which was considered a common stone. The vibrant and rich color is attractive to the eye and is one of the most durable gems as it is designated a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness (1 being talc powder and 10 being a diamond). Because of its durability, rubies can be cleaned without the fear of damaging your stone. Clean ruby rings according to the following:

  • Mild dish soap works well for cleansing
  • Use a toothbrush to scrub behind the stone where dirt or grime can collect
  • Dry using a soft cloth or towel

All around, this type of ring will add touch of color to your outfit, whether you are dressing for work, going out for dinner, or shopping with friends.

Flower shaped round opal ringAnother popular gemstone used for flower rings is opal. The flower shaped round opal ring such as the one pictured above right, features white opal at the center of the flower, surrounded by bright green peridot stones. White opal is the most common opal used today, however there are many other variations of opal that were originally valued over white opal in the past. These include fire opal which has a dark orange hue (shown right), turquoise which can be veined with different colors, or Australian opal which can be midnight blue with shimmer. Opal is a less dense gemstone with a hardness of 5.5. Because of this, it is not meant for everyday wear but rather as dress rings. Whichever type of opal you choose, you have many color options available to you.

Enjoy shopping around for your own flower ring, and share details of your ring in the comments below!

Written by Reese Hudgins

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